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Thanks for visiting my site. I am a retired professional basketball player turned independent Insurance Broker, licensed to serve the States of Idaho, Minnesota, Florida, and Arizona. I am part of Healthcare Solutions Team, and I have access to every type of Health Insurance available. Take a look around my site, get to know me, and I look forward to connecting with you and meeting your personal insurance needs!



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My Past Experiences


I retired from a 15 year Professional Basketball Career in 2018 (go ahead, Wiki me) and my next chapter in life led me into my Health & Life Insurance career. Interestingly,  there is a connection between basketball and health insurance for me. I have many personal experiences playing across the globe and trying to find health insurance options for myself (during offseason) and my family. Often times, not always, in overseas basketball, teams insure the player and the family is needing alternative options for full coverage. Having lived in 9 different countries, this was especially confusing to navigate during my playing days with travel between the States and various countries. The insurance process is never clear and can be overwhelming, that's where I can help. I truly understand the need to find personalized healthcare that meets individualized needs. I am a licensed broker and motivated to help individuals and families find affordable health insurance...especially those unique situations like I was!   

Your Certified & Licensed Broker


I am trained, board certified and licensed (both Nationally and State-wide) to sell health, life, and dental insurance. I am an independent Insurance Broker licensed to serve the states of Idaho, Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida. My home base is Coeur d'Alene, Idaho but I am always a phone call away as a personal insurance broker. I am part of Healthcare Solutions Team (based out of Chicago) and I have access to EVERY TYPE OF HEALTH INSURANCE available. This allows me to creatively and personally find the very best available policy for my clients as well as the most affordable. As a Broker, I have access to ALL health, life, and dental insurance plans that are available today. It is my job and priority to find the right fit for each individual's needs. Please don't hesitate to call, I do not charge people for my time because I am paid by the insurance company. My priority is helping navigate each personal insurance need. Let's connect and see if I can help you, call me anytime!

My Formal Education


I graduated from Arizona State University after transferring my credits from University of Minnesota (where I played basketball). I started my professional basketball career after my sophomore year at Minnesota when I was drafted in the 2003 NBA draft. During my basketball career, I decided to finish my degree and I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition Communications from ASU. I find health and nutrition interesting and applicable to my life as an athlete and as a broker. After I retired from 15 years playing professional basketball, I found my fit with insurance where I can apply all aspects of my life. After completing my insurance training in Idaho and licensing (both Nationally and State), I jumped into a new field of insurance. I discovered my skill in helping people find insurance through problem solving, active listening and applying creative ways to pair insurance policies with personal needs. I love working with people and independently working within my company. 

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Rick Rickert

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